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My Family, my team of professionals and I wish to extend to you a warm African welcome while inviting you to peruse our website and savor all the magical things coming your way when you engage Chacma Hunting Safaris to deliver your African safari experience.

Whether you are contemplating your first adventure under African skies, or you are a seasoned safari enthusiast, our promise and commitment is to deliver an experience that excites all the senses and results in unforgettable memories for you and your group.  Isn’t it time for you to own your African adventure?

Willem van der Merwe, Founder/Principal/Outfitter/Chief PH

Special Offers

These offers are valid for the 2023 to 2024 hunting season. Terms and conditions apply.
Please contact us for a package that will fit your pocket and make it possible for you to hunt in South Africa


7 days all-inclusive with one animal
Starting at $1500


7 days all inclusive for 2 parents and two children
Starting at $4500


7 days all-inclusive with three animals.
Starting at $2950


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