Import of Firearms into Mozambique

The process for the temporary importation of firearms into Mozambique for hunting purposes is very straightforward. At least 90 days in advance of the client's arrival date the client should send us the following documentation:

Copy of the client's passport

4 passport-quality photos

CBP Form 4457 properly signed and stamped by a CBP agent (US citizens), For citizens of other countries, please contact us for details.

Currently, a processing fee of $250 is required payable in advance. This fee covers the expenses of our Clearing Agent in Maputo for completing the required government forms, delivery of the forms to the Issuing Agent in Maputo, picking up the temporary importation permit when issued, and delivery of the permit to the client upon arrival in Mozambique.

Note that the client may import a maximum of two firearms and not more than 60 rounds of ammunition per firearm (120 rounds total).


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