Our Chacma Safari Base Camp is located within our Doornkom Game Reserve in the Limpopo Province of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) at latitude South 23° 59' 19", longitude East 28 ° 26' 49" (Check us out on Google Earth). The Limpopo Province has a long history and solid reputation within the safari industry.  Each season safari enthusiasts from across the globe come here to pursue their dreams of challenge and adventure.  Over 80% of South African safaris originate in this province.

Doornkom Game Reserve is located just outside the town of Vaalwater.  Vaalwater is about 184 miles (3 hours drive) north of Johannesburg (OR Tambo) International Airport.  Vaalwater is in the heart of the Waterberg Massif.  This was the first region in northern RSA to be named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  The Waterberg Massif covers 14,500 square kilometers in the  Northern Limpopo Province comprising some of the best hunting grounds to be found anywhere.  It is basically a high inland plateau bordered on the east by the Drakensburg Mountains and to the north by the Soutpansberg Range (the northern most mountains in South Africa).  Within the Massif itself some mountainous peaks rise to 2000 meters. 

The biosphere consists of three sub-habitats: high plateau savanna, specialized shaded cliff vegetation, and riparian zone habitat. The diversity of land forms and associated vegetative types creates a perfect habitat for a wide variety of desirable game species. Principally, the terrain consists of open grassland dotted with clusters of deciduous trees, broken by mesas, buttes, and some kopje outcrops (rocky knobs). Some of these buttes stand 550 meters above the plains with exposed multicolored sandstone faces offering stunning views and backdrops. The riparian areas are prime habitat for the apex predator, the Nile Crocodile as well as hippopotamus. This terrain is easily accessible by hunting vehicle allowing the client to cover much territory in pursuit of game. Hunting techniques include spot and stalk, still hunting, as well as hunting from both elevated and ground blinds (depending on species and conditions).

The cattle-owning Bantu entered Waterberg about two thousand years ago and began to impact the environment within years of arrival. They were followed by Dutch settlers in 1808. The Dutch brought further cattle grazing into an environment not suited for such intensive agriculture, and the continued over-grazing soon impacted native wildlife populations. This culminated in severe habitat loss in the mid 1900′s. Subsequently, regional landowners became aware of the benefits of restoring habitat to attract and protect native species of plains game. From this reawakening the safari industry in RSA was born and thrives today.

From our Chacma Safari Base Camp we have access to over 200,000 acres of pristine bushveld (meaning “bushy field” in the Afrikans language) carefully selected to produce high numbers of quality trophy animals. Access to such a large land base ensures that clients have a private, independent safari experience free from encounters with other hunters. Please refer to our species list elsewhere on our website to see the species of plains game and dangerous game available from our Chacma Safari Base Camp.

Accommodations at Chacma Safari include 5 ensuite rooms and combined lounge/bar/dining area.  The individual rooms are comfortable and spacious with baths and/or showers.  Each room has hot & cold running water as well as cooling & heating.  The entertainment area has a large bar area and sizeable fireplace where guests can relax with their favorite drink and relive the day's hunting adventures with family or friends.  The dining room has two large dining tables able to seat 20 people.  A comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace offers an inviting location to sit with campmates or watch television.  The exterior covered porch contains comfortable seating and is a relaxing place to enjoy stunning views of the African sunset.  The nearby boma is a favorite communal gathering place to enjoy a glowing fire as your harvested venison is perfectly prepared to your individual preference.

Beside the world class hunting, additional recreational opportunities abound; in fact they are practically limitless.  Non-hunting family members will have plenty to do.  Guests typically will run out of time before they run out of interesting, fun, and adventurous activities.  To learn more about all there is to see and do, please refer to the remainder of our website pertaining to South Africa.

As to conveniences, Vaalwater is only 32 miles away and contains restaurants and shopping.  For unexpected medical concerns the Lephalale MediClinic (http://www.mediclinic.co.za/Hospitals/HospitalDetails/id/58) is 74 miles from our front gate.

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