The Advance Booking Program (ABP) is designed to allow clients, who cannot make it on safari in the current year, to book their safari the following year under favorable terms and price considerations.  This is an explanation of how the ABP works.

Chacma Hunting Safaris begins its fiscal year and marketing year on August 1 of every year.  Thus, our accounting year-end-date is July 31 of the following year.  Our most intense marketing effort is focused between the months August of the current calendar year and March of the following calendar year and is segmented into two marketing periods: August – December of the current calendar year, and January – March of the following calendar year.  In either case, a marketing year that begins on 08/01/yyyy will typically produce clients that wish to be on safari April-October of year yyyy+1.

However, it is not unusual that in the marketing period January – March that some clients cannot commit to be on safari that calendar year.  Many of these prospective clients wish to be on safari the following calendar year (yyyy+2 from the initiation of the marketing period)  It is for this group of prospective clients that the ABP was developed.  Prospective clients within this January – March time frame, who wish to be on safari the next calendar year, begin their safari planning, with our assistance, during these three months.  It is not necessary that the client identify specific dates to be on safari as we are able to remain flexible to accommodate the client's uncertainty about dates up to four months before the client arrives in RSA.

The client completes their safari planning, and reviews and approves their safari documents no later that July 1 of the current calendar year.  At the time that the client's safari documents are reviewed and approved they make a small deposit toward the next year's safari.  Additional deposits would be due on October1 of that same year, December 31 of that year, and March 1 of the following year (the same year the safari would take place).   No further payments would be necessary until the safari balance was cleared on the last day in our base camp.  Typically, though not always, any price increases we see from one year to the next will occur on August 1, so by approving and signing their safari documents prior to July 1 is important as enumerated below.  The advantages of the ABP are four-fold:

  • The client is able to remain flexible on specific safari dates up to four months in advance of their arrival date in RSA.
  • The client has more time to plan their safari and savor the anticipation.
  • The client has more time to save for their safari.
  • But more importantly, the client will preserve the current year's pricing levels into the next year, thus avoiding any price increases that might occur on August 1, or any time thereafter.

We trust that prospective clients with certain timing and scheduling complications will find the ABP of benefit.  If you should have specific questions as to how the DBP can work to your advantage please contact us, or any member of our Pro-Staff.

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