Adventures with Elephants


Adventures with Elephants

To experience elephants this close and to have the opportunity to interact with them is a privilege. This sanctuary is situated just outside Bela-Bela and gives visitors the opportunity to learn about elephants while these elephants go about their daily routine. This day excursion is perfect for the whole family.




Bass fishing


Bass Fishing

If you are a bass fishing enthusiast we can arrange a day trip within our surrounding area. These dams and rivers are filled with healthy bass and the “catch and release policy” ensures that visitors can fish and enjoy the day.







Trout fishing

 Trout Fishing

The waterberg area is to low in altitude to sustain trout. If clients are interested in fly fishing we book a few days in Dullstroom. This charming village nestled in the Mpumalanga Highlands. It is a mere 2.5 hours drive from Gauteng and conveniently situated halfway to the Kruger Park. Given its altitude at 2100m above sea level, it is the highest village in South Africa. Dullstroom is known for its crystal clear dams, perfect for trout fishing and popular outdoor activities include not only fly-fishing, but also hiking, mountain-biking and an array of other adventure sports.


Deep Sea Fishing


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is very popular along the coast of Natal and Cape Provinces. We are happy to arrange a few days before or after a hunt for clients to enjoy some relaxing days on the sea with very professional charter companies. In the warmer currents fisherman or -woman can expect to catch a variety of game fish such as Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish and Marlin. In the colder water reef fishing is popular and you can catch Kob, Rockcod and various other species.









Bird Hunting


Bird Hunting

South Africa is a haven for wild bird shooting and provides the bird enthusiasts with a variety of terrain to hunt from. We offer our bird hunters Grey-Wing Partridge on the high ground within the Eastern Cape, or a selection of Waterfowl species, Guinea Fowl and an abundance of Pigeons and Doves over sunflower or corn fields in central South ANon frica and Kwa-Zulu Natal.



Game Drives

Guided Game drives

We offer day excursions to nearby Game Reserves where guests can enjoy a morning or afternoon game drive in wildlife areas in the company of a qualified game guide or ranger. These areas offer the visitors opportunities to take photos and learn about the bush and it’s inhabitants. The drives vary between 2 to three hours where after guests can either enjoy a lunch or sundowner. These day trips can be booked on short notice when clients feel the need to entertain the family with something different.


Eventieria Animal Park


Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Waterberg area with it’s abundance of wildlife and the enthusiasm of people to take care of this wildlife, offer visitors the chance to see different species up close in game parks and sanctuaries. Some animals get hurt or abandoned through interacting with other animals and people in their daily activities. These animals are then taken to these sanctuaries where they are looked after and released again or not, depending on the injuries and disabilities. Most of these sanctuaries are a few minutes to a few hours drive from our base camp and is perfect for the family.



Horse Riding


Horse Back Riding

It is always amazing to see wildlife from another perspective and on horse back is always a thrill. The horses can get close to the wildlife and this gives riders the opportunity to observe animals close up. The trails or outrides vary in time and difficulty. Most riders should be moderately experienced to well experienced to enjoy these rides.




Adventure Sports

The Waterberg with it’s terrain and beautiful scenery is also ideal for mountain biking and other adventure sports such as zipline. There are various mountain bike trails in the area for visitors and their whole family to enjoy. Zipline is an adventure sport that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery while feeling the adrenaline pumping. Zipline consists of  6 cables across corges and the lines are about 90m to 150m long. The operators are very safety conscious and the unique landing zones give beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. This experience will thrill young and old.





Spa Treatments


Spa Treatments

We offer spa treatments at the lodge with qualified beauty therapists that come to our lodge for various treatments such as body massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and more. We also offer day trips to Bush Spa’s in the surrounding area. These spa’s offer various activities such as saunas and more with a view of the surrounding mountains or somewhere in the bush. Clients can take a day to relax or if we can take non-hunters to these spa’s while others are still hunting.


Curio Shopping


Curio shopping or other traditional crafts

The Waterberg area has many traditional and historical places to visit and visitors can see ladies working beads, making pots, bushman rock art and more. Most of these activities give visitors the opportunity to purchase authentic African items.




Day Excursions


Day Excursions

We offer day excursions to Marakele Game Reserve, Sun City and various others within a radius to make it comfortable to travel there and back within a day or two. We can also assist if guests want to plan a trip to other tourist destinations such as Kruger Parrk,

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