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“The “spot and stalk” style of hunting that we chose proved to be quite exhilarating. There was never a dull moment because we spotted game animals constantly. The quality of the trophy animals, that the PH lead us to, were truly awesome!”
Ethan and John Kliewer

“The hospitality was warm and inviting, I felt like we were among family. Our room was kept tidy and the laundry was done regularly. The food was better than any restaurant and was always followed at dinner by a tasty dessert. The most satisfying part of the experience was learning and visiting with our host and making memories with my husband whose passion is the great outdoors” 
Allison Wells

“Being able to travel with my family to South Africa the point of disembarkation to safari and hunt has been on my bucket list for a long time.

The lodging and services at Chacma Hunting Safari were MIRACULOUS. My family and I couldn’t have asked for a better 5-star safari destination. The grassy plains to bush experience of seeing animals flock to the area, creating the opportunity to see rhinos, giraffes, kudus, elephants, cape buffalo, all up and close, as well as meals, drinks, and round-trip airport transfers. The rooms, the hosts, staff, and the great décor and meals were amazing.  Trying all the different game that we shot was a culinary treat that was a truly unique experience.

Being able to go out on my first hunt with my six year old twins and husband was an astonishing experience that will make a lifetime of memories. Tagging along on a wild cape buffalo hunt was a huge thrill and to be part of that moment will be embedded into my memory forever. Getting to see the pure excitement on my son’s face after he shot his first animal (a warthog) just made the trip even more memorable”
Jamie Koutnik

“Thank you for such a spectacular adventure! I enjoyed each day of my journey, and how efficiently and pleasantly you made this adventure.  And thank you, too, for listening to my hopes and dreams for this adventure and for all your effort to make those dreams come true. 

My African private journey was the best trip ever.  Exploring the rich culture of South Africa’s lush landscapes, and the astounding diversity of bush on my private journey was breathtaking. The exclusive private game reserve in search of the ultimate kudu, was incredible. Intense walks in the bush tracking our wild game with our PH Lucas and safaris along the way, along with boma fire dinners and a visit to a nearby village and local school was exceptional”

Brian Cummins

“Wim, Retha, and Lyandi as well as their staff provide a  welcoming atmosphere that I have experienced nowhere else. There is no schedule they may suggest a getup time but they only suggest and they never say lights out. If you want to hunt you can if you want an easy day with no plans that’s ok too. The quality of animals they hunt is fantastic. Wim will make sure every animal taken is true trophy quality” 

Denny Falk

“It was more than I expected. Being my first time in Africa and also my first time hunting anything, I think I had lower expectations. Everything really exceeded my expectations.

The lodging and food definitely exceeded my expectations. The room was great and comfortable, had everything I needed. The food was wonderful. I’m still so impressed by everything we ate and to be able to try new things including African dishes, was great. The hospitality was top-notch. I loved that you were so accommodating and made sure we had all we needed including drinks and food. The evenings were a huge highlight and something I wish we had more time.

Now on to the hunting. It was incredible. I definitely came there somewhat nervous. I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and just observe. I was definitely feeling a little scared the first day until I finally shot my impala. I appreciate the patience both Willem and Lucas had with me. After finally shooting my first animal, it changed everything for me. Including my abilities of what I was capable of. They both taught me so much about hunting, the animals, even tracking them. I was incredibly impressed by the tracking skills. I was able to get all of the animals I expected to get. Willem was always able to answer any of the questions I had. I learned so much about the area, the animals, and hunting. But I also learned a lot about myself. It was one of the best trips I have been on. And now I’m completely addicted and have a whole list of animals to add. I will be back. Thank you”

Becky Hunsicker

Tim Bramblett

“Chacma Safaris has been by far the most enjoyable and incredible experience I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Being young and female in the hunting world can be a bit of a challenge when you face new people. They underestimate and treat you differently but here at Chacma that was NEVER the case. I was part of the team and a valuable hunter every step of the way. The rooms and food were beyond incredible. I would describe it as staying in the most distant part of the jungle with all the amenities of your own home. Every part of the day felt like being at home even while you are continents away. Wim and Retha are the kindest and most generous people I have come to meet and my life is better after knowing them. They welcomed us all into their family and made their home, ours. Not only was the lodge amazing, the hunting was beyond belief. Every day we saw animal after animal. There was never a slow moment on the hunt. The ranch we hunted on, was equally incredible. The seats and view from the raised seats on the truck made the experience all that much better.

When we did get our animals, it felt like Christmas morning. Wim was almost more excited than we were when we got our animals. He always made us feel like the most special people and that our animals were amazing, which they were 100%. We were never disappointed with our trophies. Each animal was breathtaking. The most enviable trophy you could imagine.

This is the place to be if you are looking to be the one, family and friends envy. Wim and the team take pride in their ability to find you that perfect trophy and he never disappoints. Even when you don’t see your animal, Wim is planning his next move to get you there. If you have intentions to book a trip with Chacma Safaris, you will have the time of your life and an experience you will forever cherish. Man, woman, hunters alike – Chacma is the place for you.

Cheyenne Amen
The Amen family
amenoil@yahoo.com or cheyennereneblue@yahoo.com

“I never had a deep desire to hunt Africa prior to this trip. I was approached about the trip being a donation to our South Texas RMEF banquet and we accepted. I talked to Wim several times prior to him being at our banquet and was excited to see what he had to offer. Upon meeting him, I knew we both shared the same passion for the great outdoors. Long story short, I purchased this package and was on my way to experience my first safari. I had so many questions I didn’t know where to start and how to answer in such a short period. I began doing my research and started to get everything figured out as best as I knew how. I soon found out how responsive Retha was by email when I figured I would ask the outfitter myself what to expect. From a whole different country, the response time was tremendous and so well detailed as if they knew what else I would ask. Everything I could think of I would ask and get my answer quickly.When the time came for us to head out, I was anxious yet nervous about hunting in a different continent. I heard all kinds of stories of the dangers of the field from the game to diseases and everything in between. As soon as we landed, Wim met us at the airport and I knew we were in great hands.

 My nerves calmed and I knew we were in for a great week and a half of hunting. We showed up at the lodge and we were met with the utmost respect and best accommodation. Wim showed us around the place and informed us we were welcome to anything there. We truly felt like we became part of the family.

All our days were spent afield and everything was more than I could have expected. Wim and Lucas work so well together, it is as if they are one. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge of the animals and their individual habitats. The way they are able to track and hunt these animals was never short of amazing. Many people believed you just ride around on the safari and shoot animals out of the truck, definitely not the case. Lucas and Wim took us back to the good old days and tracked and hunted animals by using the wind and tracks. We truly worked for every one of our trophies. And I must say that each animal we harvested was a trophy and we can take pride in the work put in by them to cherish the stories made by each hunt. Wim made sure we left with truly mature animals. The number and quality of animals were on true display.

The food. Wow! I never know what to expect when visiting other countries and surely did not want to go hungry. We ate a full array of wild game that did not disappoint. We hunted hard and had large appetites to fill at the end of each day. There was no night I didn’t go back for seconds, the food was so good. Breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and cereal each morning had us ready to go again.

We were introduced to Lyandi and Wim’s father a few evenings while at camp, and for me, it was very refreshing to have them welcomed in camp. Hunting is a tradition passed on from generation to generation and I believe we should all do everything we can to keep that tradition alive. It was refreshing to share our stories with them and see them light up not only for successes, but because they too share those same feelings. This also made us feel more as part of the family as we were welcomed by them all.

I can’t leave off the camp staff. Though we rarely saw them, we had clean clothes washed and folded on our bed every day when we returned from the field. Our rooms were cleaned and beds made up each day before we returned for lunch. Everything we needed was there without us having to ask. Though we never saw the skinners, I know they took just as much pride in taking care of our trophies as the rest of the staff. Our skulls were cleaned and salted and the hides handled to our preferred method of taxidermy.

There were several stories that will forever stick with me but one I would like to share quickly is our waterbuck experience on night one. While sitting by the fire at the fire pit, we heard a commotion on the side of the lodge. Two waterbucks came around the side of the lodge fighting and passed between the lodge and the fire pit, not 20 feet from where we were standing. They quickly disappeared into the night and we all had to stare at each other in awe. We could still hear them fighting in the distance when Retha called Wim to their house. Wim returned shortly asking if we had a flashlight and saying he could use our help. We obliged and followed him to a fence outside their house where one of the waterbuck had become entangled in the fence. We had to free the waterbuck from the fence. It was a very rare experience and one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

I can go on and on about our experience. For me, it was more than I could have ever expected. I was impressed with the attention to every detail within the camp. I would not change anything about our experience. I will surely be back. I would highly recommend Chacma Safaris to anyone!

Sam Wells

“I could never in words describe the experience I have had at Chacma. It comes down to far more than that. It’s far more than the hunting, which is the best I have ever had. Chacma is warm when you want it and hard hunting, if that’s what your there for. Wim and his family are the best. PS You must love dogs”

Jerry Snider

“Thank you very much, again, for these special days that would have been impossible without you”

Jose Ramon Daimiel Bello and family

“Being my first African safari hunt, some skepticism and uncertainty foreshadowed my arrival. Would the hunting be rigorous enough? How “rough” would the camping be? What would I be up against in an African wilderness? Would I have a real chance at quality trophy animals? As I’ve told every hunting buddy since my return: “the trip exceeded my expectations, times ten!”

Every aspect of the hunt was eye opening. The quality of the camp was much better than I was expecting. Solar lighting, hot showers, flush toilets, comfortable beds and a superb location. Let’s not forget the great meals and ice cold beers around the biggest fire pit ever. All in the middle of a remote wilderness. Wow!

The experience was worth the trip. The hunting was the whip cream and cherries bonus. The vastness of the wilderness and the wildlife was spectacular. Around every corner was a new fascination of birds, reptiles and mammals every day. The quality of the hunt and the animals harvested were top drawer. Each animal was earned through the teamwork of the PH, the trackers and myself. A few of my “experienced” African hunting acquaintances had to reel their jaws up from the floor after viewing my photos.

Suffice to say… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had the time of my life.”

Mark Gamble on hunting in Mozambique

“Strongly recommend this guide and his operation. Excellent hunting skills and very knowledgeable on all species of African game. We took Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Kudu, BushPig, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, 2 Gemsbok, Baboon, 2 Warthogs, Impala, Red Hartebeest, 16 trophy quality animals on a 10 day Safari.

We were taken care of totally from the moment we landed until the moment we departed. Excellent accommodations, food, Equipment and staff… Jake the hunting dog is amazing!!! Took on a herd of Wildebeest to get on top of and bring down my Trophy!!!   Can’t think of how they can improve their services.  Nicest guide I’ve hunted with ..”

Todd and Denise Mabry

“We had an amazing time. Our two sons came with us and were able to hunt as well. We felt comfortable and safe and were treated like family.

They say this is a once in a lifetime trip but we definitely want to do this again!”

Chase, Ashley, Gunner and Colten Evans


“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful memories that you create for our family during our recent safari. Our desires were simple; expose our children to as much of the African culture as possible, allow them the opportunity to meet the wonderful people of your country, and enjoy a good hunt. We are so grateful that you accommodated our wishes to, not only spend time at your beautiful lodge and concession, but that you took the time to take us to town and set up the day trips for us. “

Dan, Jennifer, Lincoln and Jennah Baker

Here is also a short list of other current references. 
If additional references are required, please contact us.

Rafael Arriaga Conde arricanlr@gmail.com

Randy Smith randy@northconinc.com

Dan Mattern danm@scsystemsltd.com

Bodil & Ebbe Wendel ebbewendel@gmail.com

Denise Mabry deniser0927@aol.com

Ramon Daimiel rdaimielb@hotmail.com

Jerry Miller   jemil27@hotmail.com

Sam Wells     Samuel.Wells@Archrock.com

Denny Falk    dennyfalk@gmail.com

Chris Jendrusch  Chris.Jendrusch@Archrock.com

Jerry Snider   jerrysiggyboy@gmail.com